Facebook and Friends: Staying Connected

How easy is it to say “Keep in touch”, but how hard is it to actually do?

If you and your friends seem to be scattered across the country or globe, it can be extremely different to meet up and chat. There is the phone, but unless you are using a Skype-like service it can be pretty expensive. And in some instances very repetitive telling your story over and over.

That’s why I really like Facebook and where it has come into its own, by allowing you to share photos and comments; to continue a conversation long after you caught the train, plane or automobile back home.

Facebook is incredibly convenient for anyone who travels: you can be anywhere, and simply upload pics of what you are doing, to keep everyone you know updated.

As the person being updated, it can bring mixed feelings: Why didn’t they call? Not more photos of that round the world holiday! Where is that and WHO ARE YOU WITH?! Facebook seems to have the answers.

But it can also be a comfort, knowing that the people you care about and those still interested in sharing their lives, keep you in loop about what’s been going on lately.


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