Taipei Pizza: Pizzeria Oggi

Looking for authentic Italian pizza in a welcoming and casual atmosphere? Then you can’t go wrong with Taipei’s Pizzeria Oggi.

By Stuart Hill

Pizzeria Oggi Menu

Pizzeria Oggi offers a good choice of Napoletana and Romana pizzas, salads, soups and drinks.

While almost every western chain store restaurant seems to do its own version of Italian cuisine, Pizzeria Oggi stands by its credentials as a maker of authentic pizza. And if you don’t take their word for it, the restaurant is not only certified by an Italian pizza makers’ association in Naples, its food comes highly recommended by Italians living in Taipei — just ask them!

General Manager Tommaso Hsieh, who studied pizza making in Italy before setting up his first store in Taipei’s TienMu, sources key ingredients from Italy, including flour.

His highly enthusiastic staff make their pizza bread themselves, and cook using a wood-fire oven which is located onsite at the center of their open kitchen.

Pizzeria Oggi Staff

The friendly and enthusiastic staff of Pizzeria Oggi pride themselves on creating authentic Italian pizza with only the best ingredients. Just ask General Manager Tommaso Hsieh (middle)

The restaurant specializes in Napoletana pizzas, with the menu offering a selection of “white” and “red” pizza styles, and Romana pizzas. As the restaurant’s name “Oggi” suggests, all of which are “made fresh daily”.

Pizzeria Oggi's Pizza Verace Napoletana

While the chef’s speciality is their Margherita pizza, the Pizza Verace Napoletana is pretty awesome, made of mozzarella di bufala cheese with tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil.

For dessert, you can order a Nutella Pizza.There are selections for vegetarians, as well as meat and various seafood offerings. If you can’t choose yourself, the menu tells you which pizzas are the most popular.

Pizzeria Oggi offers a small but delicious choice of antipasti, including mushroom salad, semi-dried tomatoes and artichokes, among others.

Pizzeria Oggi offers a small but delicious choice of antipasti, including mushroom salad, semi-dried tomatoes and artichokes, among others.

The restaurant’s side dishes are also imported, except for the “home-made” mushroom salad. Keeping with the Italian theme, Pizzeria Oggi offers a selection of imported drinks, including soft drinks, beer and wine, also from Italy.

Drinks at Pizzeria Oggi

Pizzeria Oggi offers a selection of imported Italian drinks, including sodas, beer and wine.

With it is downtown Taipei store just around the corner from ZhongShan Junior High MRT station, Pizzeria Oggi delivers its trademark pizza quality in a fairly low-key yet easily accessible location. Transport directions are available on the Pizzeria Oggi website.

Pizza prices are in the NT$250-600 range, with the average around $450.

Trading hours are 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:30-9:30pm, Monday to Friday, and 11:30am to 9:30pm on weekends and holidays.

Address: No 124, MinQuan Road Section 3, between FuXing North and DunHua North Roads.

Pizzeria Oggi Pizza

Matched by fairly down-to-earth service, painted murals, timber tables and earthy colors help to give Pizzeria Oggi its authentic feel.


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