Top 5 Stories of 2013 on Syurati-vision

Travel and food are always popular topics, but in 2013 other stories also struck a chord with readers. Here is a list of the top 5 stories published on Syurati-vision this year.

By Stuart Hill

Although stories published earlier in the year would naturally pick up more views, the top 5 stories did not completely follow a pattern based on the months that they were published in.

Generally speaking stories about places to visit in Taipei and around Taiwan rate pretty well, but this year a story about Chinese language and food also made the top 5.

Number 1: Living With Chinese as a Second Language (January)

Where did you study Chinese

Where Did You Study Your Chinese? is possibly the 3rd or 4th most asked question. Surely the absence of a Beijing drawl and a failure to curl my tongue around each “Yes” should be an obvious giveaway?


Number 2: Taipei Escape: Taiwan’s Penghu Islands (May)

PengHu Two-Heart Weir

One of PengHu’s most iconic images, and one somewhat over-used in Taiwan’s tourism campaigns is the “two-heart stone weir” on the island of QiMei. The weir is a human construction made by fishermen to capture fish and other sea creatures.


Number 3: Taiwan Beef Noodles (February)

Beef noodle soup with tendons

While the soup is a heavier version of beef broth, the meat is a mixture of beef slices and tendon. Both happen to be cooked so they are soft and easy to chew. The noodles are round spaghetti-like style.


Number 4: Taiwan Road Trip: MeiNong Hakka District (March)

MeiNong Farms

While tobacco was the biggest crop grown in the MeiNong region, and arguably generated its most wealth over the years, the shift in economics has forced farmers to harvest other crops, such as fruit and flowers. This farm near the Hakka Folk Village, and others nearby, offers lots of photo opportunities, and highlights the beauty of the region.


Number 5: Top Taipei Day Trips: NeiHu’s Strawberry Fields (November)

NeiHu Strawberry Farms

The farms in near White Rock Lake – BaiShiHu – grow colder climate fruits like strawberries and peaches. Picking season starts in November.

These rankings do not take into account the number of views each story received by readers scrolling down on the home page of this blog.

Compare the 2013 postings against the top 5 stories of all time below:


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