Syurati-vision the Blog: 2013 in review

Thanks to everyone who has kept up the viewing of this blog, and hello to any new readers that have started finding the articles useful, if not interesting!

I’m always grateful to get feedback, so please add your comments and I will get back to you with a reply.

2013 was a challenging year for Syurati-vision, mainly because due to work pressures it has been harder to keep up with the regular writing required.

That said, I managed to publish 17 stories across a variety of topics.

Key topics included lots of Taiwan Life related stories, including two Top Taipei Day Trips, two Taiwan Road Trips, two stories on food, two stories about the islands of Penghu and another entry for Top Tips for Working in Taiwan.

Another key theme was language and culture published as Journal Entries, with Living with Chinese as a Second Language and Betrayed by Language in the US of Ay.

On a completely different note, Nanna Mackney’s Famous Lemon Cheese Cake Recipe was a personal favorite, as I went through the whole processes of making a cheese cake based on a family loved recipe, and Embracing Australia’s Asian Century, which I consider to be my best written article of 2013.

Finally Foreigners in Taiwan: The Thrill of Freediving, was a slightly different style of Q&A interview, but wasn’t a particularly popular story. Likewise for the politically flavored 2013, Taipei’s Year of Street Protests, which didn’t draw much traffic and may not have appealed to many of my readers.

For Reviews & Ratings, I didn’t find anything really worth commenting on in 2013!

From a web analytics angle, Syurati-vision crossed several milestones:

  • Ended the year on 17,000 views in total
  • Increased daily views to 19
  • Increased annual views by 10% on the preview year
  • Attracted the majority of readers from Taiwan, Singapore and the US, in descending order
  • Top 10 Things to Do in Mongolia became the most read story in 2013, though Where is Taipei’s Dong Qu? still remains the leading story of all time

WordPress has provided their own summary of how Syurati-vision the blog worked in 2013.

Click here to see the complete report.

What’s in Store for 2014?

Most definitely, I’m planning a few more Taiwan Road Trip stories, a few food stories, and 1-2 Taipei Day Trips. I’d like to add another Foreigners in Taiwan interview as well. Beyond that, I’ll be looking for some story ideas when travelling or from various current affairs issues as they emerge during the year.

Hope you will stay tuned and hang along for the ride!

Stuart Hill, Syurati-vision writer and editor.


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