Taiwan Boutique Hotel: Hotel de Plus

Located on an isolated stretch of road between Kenting and the beach community JiaLeShui, Hotel de Plus offers a unique mix of easy-going tranquility and stylish sea-side living.

By Stuart Hill

If your idea of living by the ocean is a simple and relatively quiet life listening to the waves crashing on the beach, gazing at a brilliantly clear night sky of stars, and surrounding yourself with practical and stylish objects, then Hotel de Plus is likely to be the place for you.

Established by a group of investors with a passion for style as much as comfort, Hotel de Plus is a getaway experience that takes the Kenting visit down a notch in volume and pace. And that’s exactly they way you’ll want it to be.

The photogenic Hotel de Plus

Hotel de Plus provides boutique accommodation with its own unique style and ambience. In sunny summer months, the stark white exteriors contrast with the blue of the sky and the green of the surrounding farmland. Windows in each room, provide abundant natural light, which combined with the unique details of the building’s interiors, offer a pleasant visual quality to each stay.

The hotel sits on a flat patch of green opposite the sea at a comfortable distance from the road. At night the only sound is the crashing of the ocean, and the occasional car passing by. Early in the morning, the sun welcomes you to the day through one of the square attic-like windows in each of the hotel rooms. It is an early-to-bed, early-to-rise, go-with-the-flow kind of life.

Room numbers at Hotel de Plus

Each room at Hotel de Plus has a number representing a particular decade. It is not particularly relevant to the design or furnishings of each room, but it offers a quirky alternative to single-digital room numbers. Room details are available on the Hotel de Plus website (see link below).

The strong focus on clean design, stylish furniture, and quirky retro accessories, is a large part of the attraction of staying here. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that, according to the management, many guests tend to be interested in architecture, film, or design.

Room interiors of Hotel de Plus

Each room at Hotel de Plus follows a distinctly modern aesthetic, with concrete floors, white walls, and a slightly hospital yet early 20th Century feel to their bathrooms and accessories. Each room looks out onto the ocean side of the building, though some of the larger suites also face out to the mountain side of the hotel too. The rooms are furnished with basic amenities, including TV and air conditioning, and feature classic furniture of a rustic, retro, and minimalist style.

The hotel’s restaurant has a small menu of nicely prepared dishes, which would be adequate for a few days’ stay. You can tell the staff if you have any specific dietary requirements and they will try to meet your needs as best they can.

Breakfast is included with a night’s accommodation. The restaurant is also open for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and evening drinks. They have deserts, a beer menu, and serve cocktails.

Restaurant at Hotel de Plus

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Breakfast is included in an overnight stay, and consists of quiche or scrambled eggs, salad, a piece of fruit, and a variety of breads, tea, coffee and juice. For afternoon tea you can order tea or coffee and a selection of cakes, which also make up evening deserts. At night the restaurant sells a choice of imported beers, or the staff can make you up a cocktail.

The nearby community of JiaLeShui attracts its fair share of tourists and surfers. You can grab fried chicken at the town’s famous tin shed restaurant, or western style cafe food further down the street toward the entrance to the JiaLeShui scenic reserve, among one of the B&B’s.

At the turn-off into the town there are surfboards and kayaks to rent, and you can hire a 4-wheel jeep with driver to take you out onto the dunes. The scenic reserve allows walks along the rocky coastline, with a sealed roadway making an easy 1.5 hour return trip. Or you can walk the distance between JiaLeShui and Hotel de Plus — which is a good trek across the beach and along the road for over 1.5 hours one way.

At the hotel, you can borrow one of their charming bicycles — objets d’art in their own right — but just be sure to prepare against the sun and the rain (which can be unpredictable in the morning). The hotel has umbrellas if you forget to bring your own.

Hotel de Plus movie night

Hotel de Plus hosts an outdoor movie under the stars on Saturday nights, projecting a film chosen by the staff onto the white walls of the hotel building. Starting at 6:30 pm, staff lay out blankets for people to sit on the lawn outside. This night’s movie – Garbage Warrior – was a documentary about an LA architect’s quest to use recyclable materials for creating environmentally friendly buildings.

Most people come for a weekend, staying overnight on the Saturday, which tends to be the busiest day. However, the hotel provides discounts on each day you add to your stay, dropping each successive day by 10% of the daily fee. You can ask about any special pricing for long stays, which you can inquire about online, or by contacting the hotel reception.

All up, Hotel de Plus is a relaxing, visually pleasant destination, located on its own pretty coastal strip of Kenting.

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Hotel de Plus

Hotel de Plus, near Kenting’s JiaLeShui community.

On his second visit to Hotel de Plus, the author stayed as an overnight guest of management. Dinner and drinks were paid for by the author.



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