2014 in Review: Top 5 Stories of the Year

Unlike previous years for this blog, only one of the top 5 most read stories in 2014 was actually written in that year. 

By Stuart Hill

It can be hard at times to understand which stories might capture people’s interest and what topics might be of the greatest use to readers. The majority of stories written in 2014 covered suggestions for road trips and day travels in and around Taipei and further afield to the south of Taiwan.

There was also advice on lodging taxes and how to survive summer, an introduction to the first Taiwan queer film festival, but it was travel tips from previous years that seemed to appeal to people the most.

Excluding this blog’s home page, which lists all stories, the following list is a top 5 of the most read stories in 2014.

No 5: Top 5 Places in Taiwan to Avoid During Chinese New Year (Jan. 2012)

Super Luck in the New Year

Chinese New Year is a time to hope for good luck, such as avoiding the crowds.

No 4: Top Taipei Day Trips: The Tea Hills of MaoKong (Nov. 2013)

MaoKong Cat

One of Taipei MaoKong’s local residents.

No 3: Embracing Australia’s Asian Century (June 2013)

Asia Centric World Map

A perspective of the world map as everyone probably should know it. (With Australia right in the middle!)

No 2: Top Taipei Day Trips: NeiHu’s Strawberry Fields (Nov. 2013)

NeiHu Strawberry Farms

The farmers of BiShan use two techniques that make harvesting for “guest workers” – ie Taipei residents – easier. Pots reduce the amount of bending, while indoor greenhouses keep pickers out of the rain.

No 1: Taiwan Road Trip: Kenting Escape (March 2014)

JiaLeShui Coast

The nature reserve of JiaLeShui offers an easy walk along the coastline. Sea and wind erosion reveal a number of different geological formations, some of which resemble various animals and other familiar shapes.

This compares to the top stories of 2013, which were (in descending order of popularity) and all of them written and published in 2013:

  1. Living with Chinese as a Second Language
  2. Taipei Escape: Taiwan’s Penghu Islands
  3. Taiwan Beef Noodles
  4. Taiwan Road Trip: MeiNong Hakka District
  5. Top Taipei Day Trips: NeiHu’s Strawberry Fields

If you have a favorite, please comment!


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