6 Things You Will Miss About Taipei

You only have to be in Taipei a few days to realize the city has some adorable characteristics. What’s not to miss about the following?

By Stuart Hill

Allocated Cinema Seating

Allocated Seating Taiwan Movies

Taiwan’s approach to designated seating makes a movie experience like a trip to the opera. Which makes it easy to imagine how uncivilized watching a movie can be anywhere else. Combine that with the ability to book online, and you quickly appreciate how organized and enjoyable the movies can be.

No-brainer Convenience

Convenience Stores Taipei

Sure, many places in Asia can make this claim to fame, but it’s still one of the things that makes Taipei such a great place to live. Yes, corner stores tend to epitomize the easy lifestyle, but the size of the city, the hours of business trading, the relative ease of getting around, make it a paradise for spontaneous city adventure. Any time of the day.

Taipei Cafes Galore

Taiwan Coffee Houses and Cafes

It’s not that everyone does burnt diner coffee these days — like you find in the US — it’s that everyone wants to run a quirky eco-friendly, retro-chic, fair-trade coffee shop. That the barista is also an expert froth artist just makes it even better.

Taipei Politeness

Taipei politeness

For a city with a population density that’s one of the world’s highest, and given how easy it is to literally be in someone else’s face, it’s surprising how orderly and low in angst everyone is — until they get on the road, that is…

Taipei’s Chinese Breakfasts

Chinese Breakfast in Taipei

Taipei might still have a little way to go for innovative western food, but it’s hard to compete on the variety of locally made traditional Chinese and Taiwanese breakfast treats — from warm soy milk, to steamed buns and egg-filled pastries, radish cakes, fried bread sticks, rice porridge, and more, Taipei has the lot.

Reasonable Cost of Living

Taipei costs of living

Imported foreign goods like branded clothes, phones or cars don’t necessarily come cheap, but day-to-day living expenses can be kept pretty low. From rent, gas and electricity, to taxis, food, taxes, the MRT, dental and doctor visits, Taipei is by no means a costly city to live in. Just don’t try to buy any property.


One response to “6 Things You Will Miss About Taipei

  1. The thing I miss most about Taipei when I’m home is the public transport. The integrated Metro/Bus/Train system that they’ve set up over the past 25 or so years in Taipei is truly world-leading. It’s clean, it’s efficient and it’s dirt cheap.

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