Discover Taipei: Evergreen Maritime Museum

For shipping buffs, the Evergreen Maritime Museum should be a treasure trove of all things nautical, covering the history of shipping world-wide. Featuring a collection of maritime themed art, interactive exhibits, and no doubt the biggest collection of model ships – modern and ancient – in all of Taiwan, a half-day visit represents an intriguing and enjoyable adventure.

By Stuart Hill

Evergreen Maritime Museum Lobby

The first floor lobby provides model replicas of Asian, European and aboriginal vessels. This floor includes a gift shop and ticket counter.

The Evergreen Group is not just a well know shipping and airline brand, the ebbs and flow of its yearly revenue performance provide a bellwether for the Taiwan economy in general.

While the company itself started with a small second-hand ship in 1968, and has now become one of the world’s leading shipping fleets, the Maritime Museum only opened at its current location in 2008.

Evergreen maritime equiment

In addition to modern examples of shipping equipment, uniforms, maritime flags, and knots, the Evergreen Maritime Museum includes artwork, and detailed replicas of military, cargo, and transport vessels.

Evergreen’s buccaneering founder Dr YF Chang has amassed an enormous collection of maritime themed art and models, and his foundation has created an educational experience that provides a lot of interesting content that appeals to all ages.

The museum now occupies the old headquarters of Taiwan’s KMT party on ZhongShan South Road, located directly opposite the Presidential Office Building , which was sold to an Evergreen trust, with 5 floors converted into galleries and exhibition space.

Interactive displays at Maritime Museum

Evergreen Maritime Museum features interactive displays that provide practical information about sea trade and ship navigation.

After buying tickets on the first floor, visitors begin their journey on Floor 5 and gradually descend back to the lobby.

Floors 3-5 prohibit photography, explore the history of naval exploration, the technological development of modern shipping and an exhibition of nautically themed paintings and other artwork.

Floors 1-2 cover the equipment used for modern and ancient sailing, which covers tools for navigation, as well as new technology for communication and safety at sea.

Meanwhile tucked away in the basement is a modest restaurant/cafeteria where you can get discounts on simple meals if you also buy a ticket to the museum. The food provides the familiarity of dining on an EVA Air flight.

More Information:

Naval explorers at Maritime Museum

The Evergreen Maritime Museum covers the world history of naval exploration, travel, and transportation. You can spend half a day browsing its 5 levels. There is a cafe on the first floor and a restaurant in the basement.


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