Stuart HillIf you’ve just stumbled upon this blog  — then Welcome!

Thanks for spending the time to check things out. My name is Stuart Hill and I am the author of the content you see here, unless specified otherwise. Most of the photos included here I also took myself, again unless stated.

The banner on this blog was shot by the very talented documentary filmmaker S. Leo Chiang (http://sleochiang.com).

Note: I am happy for you to link to my blog, but if you want to re-use any of my blog content for commercial purposes, please post a comment and ask for permission; I’ll contact you.

This blog is now into its 5th year. You’ll find most stories about Taiwan.

The structure of the site works like this:

  • Home page: all articles listed chronologically and in full
  • Taiwan Travel: links to stories offering ideas about places you can visit in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Life: links to a mix of articles about things that might affect you while living in Taiwan
  • Taiwan Postcards: a number of photos from various times, that hopefully reveal some things about Taipei or Taiwan, but which haven’t become a full length story
  • Journal Entries: a list of article links based on various personal reflections and experiences, not necessarily about Taiwan
  • About: (what you are reading now)

When I first setup the blog, I decided on this list of links approach as a good way to organize the kinds of things I like to write about. Hopefully it will make your current access and return visits easier to find. Simply click on a link to jump to a specific story. It will save time instead of scrolling endlessly through my home page.

You can subscribe to my blog and receive a summary and link to my latest posts (see RECEIVE NEW STORIES in the right column). If you know of others who may like to read my articles, please send them a story link.

Stuart in TaiPingShan
If you have any suggestions for the blog, or feedback about an article you liked (or disliked) let me know by posting a comment. You can also rate articles by clicking on the number of stars.

If needed, you can actually check out my professional profile on LinkedIn, just look for Stuart Hill. For the past 4 years I’ve been working at enterprise software company Gorilla Technology. Before that, I was working at PC multimedia software developer CyberLink Corp and before that Acer. All of these companies are based in Taiwan.

Anyway, thanks again for visiting the Blog. I hope you like what you see, and let me know either way, by posting your comments.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello Stuart,

    I really like your content about living in Taiwan. I run a website called Tofu Daily: https://www.facebook.com/tofudaily

    You might’ve seen it a couple of weeks ago when the racist MRT incident happened as the post went viral on Facebook and Reddit. Some celebrities in Taiwan shared it as well.

    I have been trying to grow my site as well as get more content up on the site. Right now I am working hard on Essentials of TW: things like getting visa, work permit, ARC, renting a place, getting bank accounts..etc. I was looking around to see what others have done and stumbled upon your blog and really like your style and content. I wanted to just ask you for permission to use your content but I had a better idea:

    I want to use this opportunity to see if you are interested in guest blogging on Tofu Daily. It will allow me not to reinvent the wheel and let you promote yourself on it. We can discuss the details in person or on email. I can also share my plans and direction for Tofu Daily with you.


    Tofu Daily

  2. Dear Stuart Hill:
    We are Hotel de Plus from the most southern of taiwan. It’s glad to know you and read your blog about Taiwan. We want to invite you to visit us and write story on your blog, it’s not east to describe us shorty, we are kinda like a design hotel beside the beach and with restaurant, great taste and humor, creative events and design here, maybe you can send us a email then we can send you more info.
    Looking forward to your response.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    -Hotel de Plus

  3. I find your comments about Taipei really helpful! I plan on visiting the hot springs you wrote about this weekend with some of my co-workers. What are you doing these days? btw, check out my blog on discovering Taiwan…

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